Rich Roll Podcast: MasterClass on Addiction & Recovery, 10 Powerful Stories feat. Jeff Grant

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From Rich Roll

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration. But for many, it’s opening day on a season that proves extremely difficult for millions of people who struggle with addiction.

A recovering alcoholic myself, I’ve danced with that darkness. Tasted the desperation. And felt the loneliness.
Time and again I failed at arresting a disease hell-bent on killing me.
Until that is, I let go of everything I thought I knew about how to live, think and be—and let others help me.
The solution required an education.
Given the ubiquity of addiction, it’s an education I feel a responsibility to share.
Towards that end, today’s podcast episode—the third installment in our burgeoning, deep-dive Masterclass series—explores the nature of addiction, the misconceptions that perpetuate it, and the many solutions available for confronting and ultimately overcoming it.
My hope is that this anthology brings you greater understanding, empathy, and perhaps a modicum of peace—and for those currently suffering, tools and encouragement to finally arrest the beast and embrace help.
Finally, if you are currently suffering, please don’t do it in silence. There is a solution. You don’t ever have to drink or use again. It all begins with a decision. Raise your hand. Ask for help. Freedom awaits. If I could do it, I promise you can too.
Guests featured in this episode include: Anna Lembke, MD, Dan Peres, Jessica Lahey, David Choe, Dr. Jud Brewer, Amy Dresner, Rev. Jeff Grant, Gabor Mate, MD, Charlie Engle, and Mishka Shubaly.


To learn more & peruse the full show notes, go here 👉🏾 ✌🏼🌱 – Rich

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00:00:00 – Intro

00:04:12 – Anna Lembke

00:13:44 – Dan Peres

00:23:56 – Jessica Lahey

00:33:24 – David Choe

00:39:55 – Judd Brewer

00:49:30Amy Dresner

00:57:50 – Jeff Grant

01:07:31 – Gabor Mate

01:19:05 – Charlie Engle

01:28:29 – Mishka Shubaly

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