Podcast: Drew Chapin on the Nightmare Success Podcast with Brent Cassity

Young Tech CEO From Peak To Valley

In this episode, host Brent Cassity interviews Drew Chapin, a tech entrepreneur who faced legal troubles and imprisonment. Drew shares his journey from childhood to becoming a tech CEO and the challenges he faced in the startup world. He discusses the pressure to succeed, fundraising struggles, and the ethical dilemmas he encountered. Drew also opens up about his arrest, the plea deal he took, and the waiting period before reporting to prison. The episode highlights the emotional and mental toll of facing legal consequences and the uncertainty of the criminal justice system. In this conversation, Drew Chapin shares his experience of going to prison and his journey of rebuilding his life after release. He discusses the disorientation and nervous system reaction upon arriving at the prison and the support he received from fellow inmates. Drew emphasizes the importance of setting goals and finding ways to cope with hard days in prison. He also talks about the challenges of the halfway house and the need for more thoughtful and intentional decision-making. Drew’s biggest takeaway is the importance of being mindful and acknowledging the interconnectedness of all individuals.

Drew Chapin is a member of the Ministry’s White Collar Support Group that meets every Monday evening on Zoom. Drew is also a member of the ministry’s planning team.