P.R.I.D.E. Entrepreneurial Program in Connecticut

A course filled with information on how to go into business.

It is exclusively for inmates, released inmates & people with a criminal background.  It covers all areas such as Banking, Law, Insurance, Accounting, Marketing , Sales, Life Lessons, Business Plan, Positive Mental Attitude & more.  What makes it unique is that it is 60% business data & 40% Life lessons.  

In the first session students are mentally prepared to start receiving & learning information, then each student is guided into starting a business.  Mentors help students get through difficult sessions & also work with them after graduation.  Once a month for 3 months after graduation there is a general mentoring session.  This ensures that everyone can follow through to start a business.  

Classes are once a week for 10 weeks & are given in the mornings usually from 9-11:30 am.  Potential students are individually interviewed for selection.  The selection is based on their desire & commitment to follow through with this multi-subject course.  The business Plan session ends with each student proving that their idea for a business will work.  It is presented to an outside business committee for evaluation.   

The course is currently being taught in Bridgeport, Waterbury & Hartford where the city governments as well as local community organizations help it to run effectively.  Three of the major organizations in the state helping us are Career Resources, CPA & OIC.

I am currently picking a few of my graduate students & training them to become leaders of the training course for February 2017.  We are interested in hiring them because it will allow them to grow as individuals & provide a great teacher for the new students.  They walk the walk & talk the talk.  I you are interested in donating to this campaign please go to tinyurl.com/ht8ozwb, or kind.fund, under “education,” click Reentry Graduate Training.

 For more information contact Barry Diamond, Executive Director, at reentrysurvivors.com or theprideprogram@gmail.com, 203-767-4090 
Barry was the owner of a successful 30-year old consulting company, started the Chamber of Commerce in his town, was on the board of the town’s Economic Development Commission, Vice-President of the town’s Tax Abatement Commission, President of the town’s Library Foundation, and was the President–Elect of the Better Business Bureau of the state of Connecticut.  All that ended when he started to think wrongly & make stupid decisions that resulted in being convicted of a white–collar crime & sentenced to six years in prison.