My White Collar Support Group Experience.

By: J-K

In the unpredictable landscape of a criminal indictment, it’s not often that one encounters a guiding light amid all the complexity. For me, that guiding light is Jeff Grant, Progressive Prison Ministries, the White Collar Support Group™. Their collective impact on my life was profound, immediate, and ongoing.

From the moment I was introduced, and connected with Jeff and the support group, Monday nights have taken on a new significance. The weekly meetings are a lifeline for me as I navigate the intricate and often daunting demands of the U.S. criminal justice system. Thanks to Jeff and the support group, I found myself seamlessly integrated into this supportive community.

On a chilly December afternoon in 2023, Jeff dedicated nearly two hours of his time to delve into the intricacies of my draft plea agreement. Jeff was very generous in his personal time meticulously walking me through the labyrinth of personal and financial implications, and how to challenge the narrative laid out by the prosecution. Through this process, he showed me the stark contrast between what was alleged by the prosecution and the reality of my situation.

Armed with this newfound perspective I chose to part ways with my private attorney and sought representation from the federal public defender’s office. My public defender, vigorously engaged with the AUSA exposing the flaws in their arguments.

The ripple effect was immediate. My projected offense level plummeted. And with the Zero Point Offender two-point reduction (which my first attorney missed), I saw a combined 22–27-month reduction in my guideline sentencing range. This significant shift is a clear demonstration of the power of collaboration and the unexpected alliances that arise in the face of adversity.

I am on the front-end of my journey, and there are more challenges that lie ahead. And as I reflect on the decisions that brought me here, I am reminded of the profound impact this supportive community is having on the course of my life today. Jeff Grant, Progressive Prison Ministries and the White Collar Support Group offer insights from their own criminal justice journeys which helps me as I navigate my own. I am grateful for the chance to get to know such wonderful people, who are ready to support those in need without question or judgment.

J-K is a member of the Ministry’s White Collar Support Group™ that meets every Monday evening on Zoom.

We highly recommend Brent Cassity’s podcast, Nightmare Success, in which he interviews justice-impacted people from all walks of life. He is a White Collar Support Group member with a mission to be of service to our community. Please check it out on Spotify at or on your favorite podcast platform.