Finding My Way: A Story of Redemption and Resilience

By: Keith O

In navigating the complex journey from incarceration to personal redemption, individuals often confront a myriad of challenges and transformative experiences that shape their path towards self-discovery and growth. As a dedicated member of our white-collar support group since April of 2019, I find myself frequently reflecting on my challenging journey through the criminal justice system. 

As I approach the six-year mark since the life changing experience of my arrest, I look back with a mix of disbelief and gratitude for the challenges I’ve faced and the progress I have made. It’s been a journey without a clear path—from the moment of my arrest to the period of incarceration, from the depths of self-deception to the clarity of self-awareness. It was an eye opening period of extensive self-reflection, where I dove head first into the experiences of my past, examining the patterns and behaviors that led me to this point.

So how did I get here? For so long, I had lived behind a carefully crafted facade—a facade of success and accomplishment. But beneath the surface lay a life built on illusion, hiding my insecurities and life’s struggles from the world. This unplanned journey was a rare opportunity to step off the rollercoaster ride of my life and truly question who I was prior to my arrest and who I wanted to be as I moved forward. 

In shedding the illusion of success and confronting the reality of my circumstances, I chose a new path, guided by the following five essential pillars that shaped my path to personal growth.


The first step on my path to personal growth was awareness—the recognition of the need for change. As I confronted the consequences of my actions and the depth of my situation, I realized that true transformation could only begin with an honest acknowledgment of where I stood. This awareness was not an easy realization but a crucial one, laying the foundation for the journey ahead.


Reflection became my compass, guiding me through the intricacies of my past and shedding light on the patterns of behavior that led me to this point.  It was a journey inward, delving deep into my experiences and understanding the root causes of my actions. Through reflection, I gained invaluable insights into myself, paving the way for meaningful growth and change.


With deep reflection came acceptance—acknowledging my past mistakes and shortcomings without judgment. It was a process of surrendering to the truth of my circumstances and finding peace in the acceptance of things beyond my control. Through acceptance, I began to release the burdens of guilt and shame, allowing myself the freedom to move forward without the weight of past transgressions holding me back.

Goal Setting

Setting meaningful goals became the foundation of my transformation—a tangible display of my vision for the future. These goals were not mere aspirations but concrete steps towards realizing the life I desired. Whether personal or professional, each goal represented a commitment to myself and a roadmap for success.


But goals alone were not enough; they required deliberate action to bring them to fruition. With determination and perseverance, I took the necessary steps to turn my goals into reality. From a recent decision to coach members of my support group’s steering committee to expanding my reach and marketing my services, each action was concrete evidence of my commitment to personal growth and empowerment.

What’s Next?

As I continue on my journey of growth and transformation, I invite you to join me in the next chapter of our communities collective development. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting free group sessions on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship exclusively for members. Whether you’re navigating your own path of self-discovery or seeking to enhance your professional skills, these sessions offer a supportive environment for growth and learning.Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements regarding times and dates. If you want to receive notifications please reserve your spot. Together, let’s embrace the power of community and propel ourselves towards a brighter future.

Keith O is a member of the Ministry’s White Collar Support Group™ that meets every Monday evening on Zoom. He is also a member of the ministry’s planning team.

We highly recommend Brent Cassity’s podcast, Nightmare Success, in which he interviews justice-impacted people from all walks of life. He is a White Collar Support Group™ member with a mission to be of service to our community. Please check it out on Spotify or on your favorite podcast platform.