Guest Lecture: Jeff Grant to Speak at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway, Weds., Feb. 23, 2022, 9 am ET, 3 pm CET

Big thanks to Professor Petter Gottschalk for inviting me to speak at the BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway on Weds., Feb 23rd, 9 am ET, 6 pm CET. This is all virtual, of course – details to come.

In 2021, Petter wrote a treatise titled, Trusted White-Collar Offenders: Global Case Studies of Crimes of Convenience, that features case studies of some of our White Collar Support Group members, including Jacqueline Polverari and myself. Petter’s book is available on

“This book uses global case studies of white-collar crime to examine offenders in top business positions and their motives. Drawing on the theory of convenience, this book opens up new perspectives of white-collar offenders in terms of their financial motives, their professional opportunities, and their personal willingness for deviant behaviour. It focusses on three groups of privileged individuals who have abused their positions for economic gain: people who occupied the position of chair of the board, people who were chief executive officers, and female offenders in top positions, and the related white-collar crimes. Convenience themes are identified in each case using the structural model for convenience theory. The case studies are from Denmark, Germany, Japan, Moldova, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. This book speaks to those interested in white-collar crime, criminal justice, policing, organizational behaviour and business administration.”

About Petter Gottschalk:

Petter Gottschalk is a Professor Emeritus – Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at the BI Norwegian Business School at its Institute for Leadership and Organizational Management.[1]

He is educated Diplom-Kaufmann from Berlin Institute of Technology, Master of Science from Dartmouth College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Doctor of Business Administration from Henley Management College and Brunel University.

Gottschalk has previously been CEO of Norwegian Computing Center, ABB Datakabel, Statens kantiner and Norsk Informasjonsteknologi (NIT).

In recent years, Gottschalk has done research on the police and their use of IT. He has also done much research on knowledge management, and he has published a number of books on that subject, as well as books about the police. He has also worked as an advisor to the police. His research on the police and their use of information technology has resulted in his appearance in the news media when this topic has been in the news. Gottschalk also researches crime as seen from the police perspective, in particular organized crime and financial crime. In recent years, he has published many articles as well as a number of books in English about organized crime, financial crime and criminal entrepreneurship. Gottschalk was an active participant in the Norwegian public discourse about EU’s Dataa Retention Directive in 2010 expressing his opinion that the police ought to make better use of the sources they already have.

About Jeff Grant:

After an addiction to prescription opioids and serving almost fourteen months in a Federal prison (2006 – 07) for a white-collar crime he committed in 2001 when he was lawyer, Jeff started his own reentry – earning a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, majoring in Social Ethics. After graduating from divinity school, Jeff was called to serve at an inner city church in Bridgeport, CT as Associate Minister and Director of Prison Ministries. He then co-founded Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. (Greenwich, CT), the world’s first ministry serving the white collar justice community. 

On May 5, 2021, Jeff’s law license was reinstated by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Jeff is once again in private practice and is committed to using his legal expertise and life experience to benefit others. He provides a broad range of legal services in a highly attentive, personalized manner. They include private general counsel, white collar crisis management to individuals and families, services to family-owned and closely-held businesses, plus support to special situation and pro bono clients. He practices in New York and in authorized Federal matters, and works with local co-counsel to represent clients throughout country.

Jeff Grant full bio: